Count Santula

This is the tale of the Christmas Monster
He comes around every year at this time
His jingle bells will eat your children
This sentence is here to make this story rhyme
And this song is here for the holiday time
but I fear it's too late he's already committed his crime

He comes to deliver his evil presents
He's the cookie monster of Christmas past
He comes in the presence of evil
Let's see how long the bridge can last.

Now if you stuck it through to the end of the bridge
You probably wanted to drive off of a ridge
Now you realize that this ain't a Christmas tale
it's some crap I wrote while I was checking my mail
And I knew that this was, this was it
I had a hit and if I laid down the beat and spit it
I knew you'd all be with it
From the place you sit when you drive your car
You'll be bumpin n thumpin my sound straight from the underground
this ain't no snoop dpggy dogg & the dogg pound
Now you found your way to the end of, of the 2nd verse
you realize, the length of this song was your curse