Christmas Party For One

There is a bowl of red and green M&Ms
There are suger candies and snowmen napkins
These are the things to Celebrate Santa
Not Chanukah, Thanksgiving, or Kwanzaa
I threw this party and invited everyone I knew
No one showed up but that wonít make me blue
Even without them Iíll have a lot of fun
Oh, this Christmas Party For one
Chirstmas Party for one

I waited by the dorr for an hour and a half
No one knocked or rang the bell, So I laughed
This will be great, just me, myself, and I
If I said that I was sad, well that would be a lie
I kind of wish that my friends would have showed
For the guys I brought silver and for the girls, gold
But I guess Iíll still have a lot of fun
This is my christmas party for one
Christmas Party for one